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The Delhi Sultanate 

Spread of Islam in India and Early Conquests of the Arabs

The Islamic culture was introduced in India by Arabs, Who entered the India as traders and later made their settlement on the western coast of India.
In the beginning
 of the 8th century AD, the Arabs under Mohammed-bin-Qasim conquered the Indian territories of Sindh and Multan. These victories were short-lived because of the death of Mohamed-bin-Qasim in 716 AD. 

Foundation of the rule in India 

Mahmud of Ghazni made several invasions on India. He raided many places in India such as cities, carried away India's rich treasures etc. His first invasions was directed against Multan in 1175 AD. In 1192 he eventually defeated Prithviraj Chauhan.

Sources to reconstruct the Delhi sultanate 

There are many literary and archaeological sources to reconstruct the period of the Delhi Sultanate.

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Coins of Mohammed Ghori

Literary Sources

Literary sources are main, such as Tariqh-i-Firzoshahi authorized by Barani.

Archeological sources 

There are many archaeological source to know the religion, language, arts, social and political condition of India in those times.


The sultans of Delhi  built massive structures. one of the structure was Qutub Minar. The construction was start on 1199 AD, When he was the Viceroy of Mohammed Ghori. It was completed by Ilthutmish in 1230

Qutub Minar 

It is situated in Delhi. it received its name from Qutub-ud-din, a Muslim saint of Ush, near Baghdad. Its main features are:

(i) It is a circular tower which rises to a height of 72.5 meters.

(ii) it has a five storeys tapering as they ascend and separated from each projecting five balconies.

Iltutmish (1211-1236): Qutub-ud-din Aibak was succeeded by Aram Shah (1210-1211),but the nobles conspired against him. he was replaced by Iltutmish. He made Delhi his Capital and was the first Turkish ruler to introduce a purely Arabic coinage.
Finding his son has incompetent to rule, Iltutmish choses his daughter Raziya to be the successor.

Raziya (1236-1240): Raziya was brave and let her army in the battlefield. But the Turkish nobles were ganging against her she was defeated with Altunia, She later married Altunia but the nobel plotted against them both were murdered in 1240.

After that Nasir-ud-din Mahmud  (1246-1265)
After 6 years the new king was pleasured .

Balban (1266-1287) :
After Mahmud death in 1266, Balban occupied the throne . he released a coin called as Giyas-ud-din Balban (Gold)

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                                 Giyas-ud-din Balban

Alaudin Khalji (1296-1316)

He was nephew and son in law of jalaluddin and came throne by murdering his aged uncle.

Alauddin Revenue and Administrative Measure :

Alauddin also initiated a series of revenue and administrative measures to augment his resources . He will give his Land-grants made as gift for Muslim landlords. The treatment meted out to Hindu landlords, called Chaudharis was typically harsh. The sultan helped common people, especially the soldiers. 

Market Regulations : 

Control of the market was an achievement of Alauddin Khalji. he maintained a large army on relatively small pay he had to ensure that essential commodities were available at low price of food grains, sugar, cooking oil, cloth, horse, cattle, slaves and other commodities at the fixed rates.

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